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Star Cakes Bakery in Springfield MO
Star Cakes Bakery in Springfield MO

Star Cakes

Star Cakes Bakery in Springfield MO

CupCake flavors are my passion! I’m Lisa Cothran the Co-Owner of Star Cakes our CupCake Shop in Springfield MO. and I have always loved to tinker with recipes and come up with my own version of some of the popular and not so popular flavors. For a while now, my husband Ted and I have dreamed of owning our own food establishment. With his love and service in the food industry for over 25 years and my dedication to baking since I was a little girl it seemed we could not go wrong with our own cupcake shop.

  • My mom had a baby shower cake made here and it was FANTASTIC! I picked out strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting and everyone was impressed with the density of the cake and the flavor of it all together.

    Emily Rinck
  • We have used Star Cakes for birthday cakes, cupcakes and our wedding cake / cupcakes. They are fantastic to work with and produce beautiful and delicious treats at a more reasonable price than some in town. I would recommend!

    Maica Perez
  • Star Cakes recently did cupcakes and a small cake for each of my daughters birthday parties! One was Bubble Guppy theme and the other was Paw Patrol theme! Both experiences were great and the art work they did on the cakes was amazing!

    Kortney Fisher

My Background

Star Cakes Bakery in Springfield MO

I worked in the business field for a while and then finished my education degree.  I was an elementary teacher for nearly 15 years. I always loved treating my classes and coworkers to home baked goodies. I was nominated the event planner because of my attention to detail and my creative abilities.  I bring a touch of class to every event I oversee. Recently, we decided to move to the Springfield area. We determined that it would be the perfect opportunity to put our talents to the test. So, I left the classroom to bring my special skill for creating melt-in-your-mouth flavors to the Springfield neighborhood.

Ted, on the other hand, started working in food service from a very early age.  Additionally, he is a natural-born caretaker and knows what customers want.  Ted always has a big smile and friendly laugh waiting to greet our customers and make them feel right at home.

Star Cakes Bakery in Springfield MO

As a team, Ted and I are unstoppable. We like to take on what others might consider the impossible. We have a passion for baking, we strive to be the best, our creativity sets us apart, and we aim to please our customers. We will not rest until you are happy. You will not be disappointed when you entrust us with your special event. We will go above and beyond the call of duty to see to it that you are not just satisfied with the results, but overjoyed.

 We are anxious to take your special orders and make your events as special as you are, our wonderful customers!

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